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Peter Wise is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer based out of Brooklyn, New York.

Music has been a lifelong journey for Peter. He began playing classical guitar at age five, and classical piano at age six. Although singing in bands and writing music in middle school, Wise didn’t start pursuing writing his own music until moving to New York City to attend college. Although he attended New York University as a jazz guitar major, Wise dove deeply into lyricism, with his influences of Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley, and John Mayer inspiring him to get serious about a career as a singer/songwriter. NYU afforded him the opportunity to study under award winning songwriter Phil Galdston (“Save The Best For Last”), as well the opportunity to be mentored by the late Glenn Frey, Roseanne Cash, and Barry Eastmond. As a junior, Wise was invited to open for The Eagles as a part of the first NYU Steinhart gala at a sold out Beacon Theater. Wise has continued his ascent as a singer and songwriter, marrying the early 70’s folk lyricsm which first influenced him to write with the harmonies of jazz and the grooves of hip hop and R&B. Now based out of Brooklyn, Wise has performed his music all the world, with tour stops this year in Hawaii, New England, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and Texas. He has shared the stage with a wide variety of artists, everyone from the aforementioned Eagles and Lisa Fischer to Liza Anne, and Joey Dosik (Vulfpeck).

Wise has also been active in recording his own music. He put out a full length LP, “Unattached” this past May, featured in music blogs all over the world. The publication Substream Magazine remarks on Unattached:

The term “Unattached” serves various purposes on Wise’s album. It’s obviously the name of the album, it’s the title of the album’s first track, and it serves as a theme throughout the runtime. On the title track Wise sings of suddenly packing up and living a nomadic existence crossing the country while also paying tribute to the musicians, authors, and artists who have trail-blazed that type of journey before him. While that message stays largely present throughout Unattached, Wise’s musical skills and tastes spread far and wide across the 10 songs. Wise showcases his impressibly deft and nuanced guitar playing on every track, from “Feel The Rain”‘s moving rock ballad chords to pop-rock vibes of previous single and absolute joy “Sandcastle State Of Mind.” Want a great duet to croon with your best friend? Wise lets loose his falsetto on “Can’t Do It Alone” and brings along Tiger Darrow for an effective love song. If you’re in the mood for an old-school, larger-than-life rock behemoth, Wise unleashes everything he has across seven minutes on “Not Anymore/Get On Through.” Throughout all of Unattached Wise never falters, always digging deeper and deeper into his skillset and his psyche to create an album you don’t want to miss.

After touring on behalf of “Unattached”, Wise hit the studio in the fall and winter of 2018/2019 to record follow up material. He returns with his lead single, “Trustfall”, a powerful anthem on the fear of love and commitment. Released in August, 2019, “Trustfall” shows off Wise’s impressive and soulful voice, intimate and thoughtful lyrics, dexterous guitar playing, and carefully crafted production. The sound is at once familiar and fresh, steeped in the knowledge and understanding of rock and motown, with an ear for current pop sensibilities, to create a style and sound completely his own. As the music publication Out From The Pinebox remarks of Wise: “There’s an East Coast undertone to Wise’s music - a confident quality of sorts that has no barriers.”

“Trustfall” is the lead single from Wise’s forthcoming EP due out fall of 2019. Catch Peter on tour this summer and fall in a city near you!